Restaurant Manager's Log

and Communication Toolkit

NEW! Line checks from your mobile phone and handheld device!

Industry Proven

Our long history in printed manager's log books ensures that you have all the tools necessary to successfully manage your restaurant online.

It's Easy & Fast

Login anytime & anywhere to check your restaurant vitals. Manage multiple store locations quickly with a single click.

Nothing To Install

Our software is web based which means no downloads, no installation, & no maintenance. When we add new features you get them instantly.

Try It Free!

We offer a 30 day trial period for you to evaluate the software. Registration is simple and requires no pre-payment or credit card.


Most of the daily store operations are managed from the store homepage.


Generate reports on store performance, contact sheets, OSHA forms, and more.


Powerful search tools enable quick retrieval of virtually any store data.

  • Access Vital Sales, Labor, and Operational Information

    The web-based COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log is only an internet-connection away!

  • Clearly Document Issues and Resolve Problems

    Just like our printed logs, the COMMLOG Virtual Manager Log walks users through collecting all the vital data

  • Business Information Available Across Your Entire Company

    Assign access to Regional Managers, Corporate Staff - anyone who can benefit from your operations information

  • Rich in Features and Incredibly Easy to Use!

    Shift Notes, Employee Issues, Reservations, Repair & Maintenance, and more - and all are SEARCHABLE!